Magento is one of the most prevalent open source E-Commerce platform that is enriched with brilliant features that benefit enterprises and businesses of all levels. Therefore, by choosing Magento enterprise development you get remarkable advantages that help growing your company on the competitive edge. There are several opportunities opened up by Magento enterprise development solutions in E-commerce segment that help leveraging orders to boost the growth of the business.

Here we are going to elaborate various highlighting features that enterprises get with Magento enterprise development solutions and how they benefit them.


Rules For Category Sorting-

With the help of new Magento features, the developers can enhance category sorting experience for shoppers. The new version of Magento accompanies 5 product sorting automated rules which facilitate more sales through category pages. This way, you grow your customer engagement with your E store. This feature allows enterprises to reschedule the category website pages thoroughly to feature low stock products, best sellers or new items to appear at the top end of the list. Moreover, it allows users to sort products as per colour preferences in category. It makes convenient for users to configure grouping of colour for various season sale campaigns. The best part of new category sorting is; there is no need of merchant intervention to organize the strategy of merchandizing.

Inclusion Of Google Tag Manager-

The new Magento Enterprise development features include Google tag manager that helps merchants to easily include various tracking tags on their E store. This is a great feature as it helps them to figure out audience, retargeting, personalization and SEO marketing and much more. No need to touch coding part, but it can be done simply as you do while adding more products to your store. This features encourages faster marketing growth and faster and more precise collection of data. It helps shipping the outcomes straight to the Google Analytics as well as third party solutions. Meanwhile, you get more time to concentrate on the performance of your site and can design better and more profitable sales campaigns.

Multiple Updates For Technology-

The new Magento enterprise development solution focuses on delivering better and effective updates on technology. With the latest version of Magento, the users get technology updates for Redis integration as well as Zend framework.

Mobile Based iOS SDK-

The mobile based iOS SDK helps developers in creating a complete ecommerce iOS app. This app includes all types of features that are needed to successfully run a mobile E-Commerce store like for customer accounts, checkout process and various promotions. When you add all these functions to your Estore, it delivers a unique and better customer experience while shopping.

By adopting Magento Enterprise development solution, merchants can get all these features to their stores that are clear contributors to business growth and increased revenue for E stores. If you do not want to miss out any lead and want to serve the ideal and efficient online shopping experience to your customers, it is a right time to get your old E-Commerce website switched to the newer version right away.

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