The developers’ biggest concern is the security of their products. Therefore they introduce dongles to protect their software from copying. End users want the opposite, they want the simplicity and convenience without extra security hassle.

In case you need to use the software with dongles, at least you can simplify working with it.
Here we’ll tell how to share USB dongle over network, what those dongles are and how to duplicate a dongle.

This is done easily with a special application – FlexiHub

  1. Download FlexiHub and open it;

  2. Click ‘Sign up’. You’ll be redirected you to Registration Page;
  1. Register your FlexiHub account, which is absolutely free;

  2. Open FlexiHub app, sign in using your newly created account details;
  1. You’ll also need the FlexiHub app on your other computer that will access a USB dongle and log in with the same credentials. Look up the shared dongle from the app and connect to it.

  2. Now you can use the dongle as if it was directly attached to your remote computer.Image result for Sharing A USB Dongle Over Network
    With free FlexiHub you can stay connected to the shared device for 20 minutes, then the connection interrupts and you have to reconnect. 20 minutes is usually enough to complete a random task, but if you need to be constantly connected for longer work periods – check out what FlexiHub subscriptions are available.


  • You can connect to a device via LAN, as well as wireless network.
  • A free version doesn’t have a limited period to it, keep it as long as you need.
  • The list of supported USB devices is broad – scanners, cameras, mobile phones, and much more.


  • Free version offers the 20-minute connection, then you’ll need to reconnect.
  • FlexiHub has to be installed on every participating computer.


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