When it comes to hunting there is nothing potentially more important (except your rifle of course) than making sure you have a clear set of binoculars to spot your prey through. To a novice hunter binoculars may not seem like such an important hunting checklist item however any experienced hunter can tell you that making sure you have a set of good quality optical lenses to spot animals through will drastically improve your overall abilities when it comes to hunting outdoors. There are a few things you should look for when deciding on your next pair of hunting binoculars before you make any final purchase decisions.

Prism designs are the binoculars way of viewing the outside world, most binoculars come in two standard prism designs which are “roof prism” and “porro prism.” Roof prisms typically require greater focus on the part of the hunter and are more complex in the inner workings of how they display light paths and contrast which makes them ideal for advanced hunters who are very adept at what they do. Porro prisms are generally for beginning hunters or hunters who do not want to deal with much “adjusting” of the lens while out on a trip. Porro prisms tend to contrast light much better than roof prisms and are usually cheaper. Deciding on the best binoculars for your hunting needs really all depends on you. Everyone will have their own opinion of what the best binoculars are dependent on their intended purpose.

Smaller versions of binoculars exist in the form of a spotting scope they perform similar functions like their bigger brother binoculars. The main purpose of a spotting scope is to retract light and manipulate images at long distances. They can be really good when used in conjunction with standard binoculars as a way to get even closer to your intended target. Many advanced and novice hunters alike use a spotting scope when the range or field of depth is too far for a regular pair of binoculars to spot. They come in handy often if you are hunting on a landscape or in an environment where changes occur frequently in the landscape and where elevations differ drastically. Shrubagge is another factor that can affect your visibility while hunting and equipping yourself with a spotting scope is a great way to circumvent this issue while out on long hunting expeditions.

These are all some really great tips that can give you an advantage on your next hunting trip. You should consider using standard binoculars and a spotting scope in combination to maximize your accuracy and efficiency.


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