Hoverboard companies have been popping up like mushrooms in the past 12 months, which isn’t really surprising since hoverboards have become a popular toy among kids, teens, and even adults. But, if you’re a consumer, the sheer number of makes and models can make it confusing for you to decide which self-balancing scooter to buy. The worst part of this is that choosing the wrong option won’t only make you lose money but may also compromise your safety, considering that many low-quality hoverboards can easily catch fire due to their poor construction and inferior materials.

Fortunately, you can make the process easier by buying a hoverboard from Either Swagway or Glidecraft. From what it seems these are the top hoverboard brands on the market. Although Swagway has been on the recall list, they have since made a lot of changes to ensure quality. Glidecraft on the other hand has never been on the recall list so it’s safe to assume that their products standards have been and still are top notch.

By riding a hoverboard, you can get as close as possible to hovering; the products are designed to be highly stable so, whether you’ve been riding one of them for years or are just learning how to control one, you can smoothly glide along the road and feel like you’re floating.


When buying one of these hoverboards, you can expect the following:

Safe battery system

A poorly designed battery system is one of the major causes of hoverboard incidents. Some self-balancing scooters have a defective charging cut-off mechanism, which means that the system doesn’t automatically turn off when the battery is fully charged, so overcharging happens. Others, meanwhile, are built with weak electric insulators, so they easily short-circuit.

This isn’t the case with Glidecraft and the new Swagway products. Their hoverboards have individually UL listed battery cells, which means they have been carefully tested by experts and proven to be safe and durable. They also provide UL listed chargers with all of their hoverboards. Making sure your board charges properly is very important, but because of the stigma I still would not charge them overnight.

One-year warranty

Both these companies offer. Because of this, we’re confident enough to offer one-year warranty to everyone who buys our products, we’ll either repair Glidecraft hoverboards or replace them with a new unit for free. Of course, this only applies to products that have defects in their material or workmanship; if you destroy your hoverboard because of misuse or accidents, our warranty unfortunately doesn’t cover its repair or replacement.


Useful manual

If you’ve bought a product that was made in China, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of reading an unintelligible manual that’s written in a mix of Chinese and English. But, if you buy a Glidecraft hoverboard, this isn’t a problem since we provide a comprehensive manual that’s clearly written in English. As a result, it’s easy for you to know how to operate your new device and how to properly take care of it.

Minimal defect rating

Glidecraft hoverboards have a virtually non-existent defect rating, which means that they’re durable and can last for a long time. Compare this with other brands that break after a few weeks or even days, and you’ll see just how much value you’ll enjoy when you choose our products.

These are some of the things you’ll enjoy when you buy Glidecraft hoverboards. Visit their hoverboard website to experience what it’s like to ride one of the top

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