Transportation dispatching system helps in tracking, coordination, and monitoring of automobile fleets. This is an automated system that ensures seamless integration between the fleet and its centralized monitoring system that enhances productivity in the entire transportation system. Those are using fleet of automobiles may consider using transportation dispatch system for wide array of benefits: check here for 10 prime benefits.

Observing fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is one of the prime factors of running a fleet of automobiles for commercial purpose. Measuring total distance covered as well as maintaining logbook of fuel refilling history is an extensive task and may not be possible to monitor flawlessly in human record keeping process. Instead a robotic methodenabled dispatching system can monitor the fuel consumption process without human error.3

Vehicle location monitoring at regular interval

Coordination is one of the prime objectives of using robotic dispatch system for transport coding system. Once your fleet system gets integrated, you will get to monitor all your vehicles’ location sitting at a remote location. Along with monitoring you will be facilitated by speed and direction management with real time mileage verification for understanding the distance covered by the vehicles included in the fleet.

A robotic dispatch system helps in timely completion of transportation tasks

Every transportation system works on a task based schedule and successful completion of the allotted tasks depend on several factors like road condition, traffic jam on road, condition of the vehicle, etc. Remote monitoring by the dispatch system helps in managing the gap between thee target and real time operation. It helps in performance assessment and better service coordination. Moreover, the system helps in getting timely update on completion of assigned routes.

Controls on the misuse of equipment, staff ‘working on the side’, and transport stoppages

This robotic system helps enjoying complete control on misuse of equipment, staff ‘working on the side’, and transport stoppages, which improves productivity of a transportation system without involving any extra human power.

A bunch of value added services can be enjoyed:

A quality Transportation dispatching system offers some value added services for its users. These are:

  • Facility of operative management in real time,
  • The system offers facility to monitor the condition of the fleet, mechanism, as well as the equipment condition,
  • The system offers facility of monitoring and accounting for completion of transport assignment,
  • The system offers facility of preparing of departmental reports for the fleet.

These are some of the most significant benefits of integrating robotic transportation dispatch system. However, it is better to use a system developed by reputable software developer company only.


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